Arareco Lake

The beautiful Lake of Arareko in Chihuahua, which in Rarámuri means "Horseshoe", is located at the top of the Sierra Madre Occidental within the municipality of Bocoyna Chihuahua, 5 km from the Magical Town of Creel.

It is right in the central part of the Barrancas del Cobre Natural Park within the ejido of San Ignacio de Arareko.

The lake was originated by the dam of the waters of two rivers, it has a length of 3 km in the shape of a U, hence the name of Arareko. Arareko Lake surrounded by 40 hectares of pine forest, oaks and strawberry trees, also makes the environment in this place have a pleasant aroma. In addition, its blue waters take on an even more intense color when they reflect the sky during a clear, cloudless day and that is why it is known as a natural mirror.

What to do in Lake Arareko Chihuahua? Inside the lake you can enjoy different activities and attractions, such as the impressive hidden cave and rock shelters where Rarámuri previously lived.

Also enjoy a walk through the forest where you can admire the abundant vegetation and fauna.

You will also find a camping area located on the shore of the lake, which has a small pier where they rent boats, horses, mountain bikes and you can practice water skiing.

And if you are a lover of observing animals, in the surroundings you can see and admire blue birds, woodpeckers or a large blue bird called "chuyaco". This site has a great abundance of squirrels, herons and ducks. At nightfall you can install your tent on the shore of the lake and feel safe as there is enough security in the surroundings.

When is it ideal to go to the lake? If you want to visit Lake Arareko in Chihuahua, keep in mind that during the winter, temperatures in the lake can drop to -20ºC. It is a spectacular sight with forest and water full of snow, but it is very very cold. I recommend you to visit the lake in summer, so you can enjoy the incredible views and you can take amazing photos in the place without freezing.