Get to know Creel

The treasures of the largest state in Mexico. Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico and this not only has to do with its geographical extension but also with the variety of its landscapes, which seem like treasures very well protected in the imposing mountains that make up the Sierra Madre Occidental, one of these is the Magical Town of Creel.

The road to Creel is special because of the panoramic views that accompany you while you drive, since you literally have to cross the mountains. It is approximately five hours away by car or bus from the capital of Chihuahua.

Although, definitely the best way to get to Creel is by taking an adventure on the Chepe Express, a train route that runs through the Sierra from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, to this magical town founded in 1907. The trip lasts in average of 10 hours.

How is the weather in Creel? The climate in Creel ranges from mild to cold in spring and in summer the sun is intense and can burn your skin even though the air feels cool, and it rains little. Of course, if you plan your visit in winter, pack very warm clothes because the temperatures can reach below zero, you could even witness a snowfall.

Activities in Creel: Its location at the top of the Sierra Madre Occidental makes Creel the perfect place to practice outdoor activities and learn about the customs and traditions of the Rarámuris.

Creel is the gateway to the Copper Canyon -located in what is also known as the Sierra Tarahumara-, the home of the Rarámuris and where you will find waterfalls and zip lines suitable for the most adventurous and even the remains of some cave paintings. .